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Design Process
01. Conceptual Design

We employ a comprehensive conceptualization approach by merging the client's vision with the surrounding competitive landscape. This involves creating a mood board to effectively capture the aesthetics and ambiance of the hotel while integrating the brand's design directives. Throughout this process, we consider local history, regional influences, and precisely define the target audience.

Additionally, during the conceptual design phase, we take into account space constraints, architectural features, and the owner's personal preferences. This ensures that all critical aspects are communicated and incorporated into the design plan, resulting in a cohesive and thoughtfully crafted final product.

02. Space Planning

After conducting due diligence on correctly designed development drawings, we continue to utilize practical space planning methods to generate a complete and detailed marking plan. These floor plans include elevations and layouts for public areas and guest rooms, as well as size details for key components like custom furniture units.

Further explanation and exploration of these details may be necessary to ensure consistency between existing conditions or building structures and the proposed interior design elements. This process ensures that all design elements are accurately reflected and implemented in the final product.

03. Design Development

Upon approval of the conceptual design, we transform it into a conceptual layout developed based on the client's vision and actual floor plans. We create detailed design boards showcasing possible finishes or furniture selections and generate block-rendered elevations to illustrate the spatial relationships of internal elements.

Simultaneously, by referencing the initial mood board, we meticulously develop features and highlights to ensure the conceptual design is accurately represented in reality. This thorough approach ensures that all design elements are thoroughly explored and thoughtfully integrated into the final product.

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04. 3D Model Rendering

Following the approval of conceptual design and space planning, we proceed to create dedicated 3D rendering images for your project. This comprehensive rendering showcases all design aspects, including finishes, furniture design, and accessories, providing clients with a clear visual representation of the final product.

This detailed approach ensures the accurate representation of all design elements, allowing clients to have a clear understanding of the final product.

05. Mock-Up Effect

To achieve the best final results, we send samples in advance or set up mock-up rooms to showcase our design effects in a real environment, reducing the trial-and-error costs for clients. Once the client confirms the plan, we proceed to mass production, reviewing and making necessary adjustments to specifications or space plans before the bulk production.

This method ensures that all design elements undergo thorough scrutiny and testing, resulting in a final product that meets or exceeds expectations.

06. Procurement and Production

We own our physical factory to produce high-quality products. Our dedicated business personnel handle procurement to ensure the acquisition of any products the client desires. The procurement and delivery departments follow specialized processes to ensure projects are delivered and installed on time.

The business side provides timely feedback on project progress and is ready to address any questions that may arise.

07. Quality Control

We employ a highly skilled technical team with expertise in industry manufacturing standards to oversee our quality control process. The team thoroughly inspects all aspects of the manufacturing process, including materials, finishes, accessories, packaging, and box labels. For example, finishes are inspected for lamination, color codes, and hardware, while mass-produced products are checked for defects in the production line.


Additionally, our team selects appropriate packaging methods to better protect products during transportation. Strict quality control checks uphold our commitment to delivering high-quality products that surpass industry standards.

08. Delivery

Our delivery and logistics staff provides comprehensive solutions, seamlessly connecting local and international freight to simplify the delivery process, ensuring direct doorstep delivery.

Leveraging our high production capacity, we can achieve a 45-day production timeline, allowing us to save costs for clients and maximize delivery efficiency. Our team is dedicated to providing excellent service and ensuring timely and cost-effective fulfillment of your project needs.

09. After-Sales Support

At BK, we strive to be the most reliable and trustworthy partner for our clients. In addition to offering excellent products and services, we guarantee the quality of our products. For any feedback or issues raised by clients, we provide satisfactory solutions promptly, aiming to establish long-term collaborative relationships with our clients.

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