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Holiday Inn Express hotel orders in production


Dear customers and partners,


We are pleased to announce that we are placing production orders for a new Holiday Inn Express hotel and expect to complete production and delivery in 35 days. This marks our continued partnership with the Holiday Inn Express brand and is another important achievement for our company in the FF&E space.


As a company specializing in providing design and high-quality hotel furniture, we have always been known for our professional, reliable and efficient service. This time, our team is working hard to ensure that all orders are completed on time and within the scheduled time. Our production process uses the most advanced technology and the highest quality materials to ensure that every product meets the standards and requirements of the Holiday Inn Express brand.


As an internationally renowned brand, Holiday Inn Express hotels enjoy a global reputation and are highly praised for their convenient location, comfortable accommodation and quality service. We are honored to work with such a first-class brand, providing them with high-quality custom furniture to create a comfortable and warm living experience for their guests.


Our team will continue to pay attention to the production progress of the order and ensure timely communication with customers to ensure that everything goes smoothly. We look forward to delivering perfect custom furniture to Holiday Inn Express hotels in the near future and working with them to create a wonderful stay experience.


If you have any questions about our products or services or require further information, please feel free to contact our customer service team. Thank you for your trust and support in us!


with best regards,

Bath Knot Inc.

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